Friday, August 8, 2014

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Never Me
By Kate Stewart


I was a thief of men…a whore.

Not the conventional type that got paid for sex. I was the girl you talked about in your sad inner circle. The girl you shielded your boyfriend from as you cleverly covered him with your body when I came near. I was a threat to you. Keeping him safe in your grasp was smart. One incredible week was all it took to forever change me.

I was NEVER going to be you … until I met HIM

My Review:

First of all I just want to thank this most awesome author for the privilege of reading an advanced copy of this book! I wish I were able to give it more than 5 stars. Can I just say I give it 10 stars? 

From the first few lines you will be hooked.....line and sinker. I experienced a range of emotions while reading this book. Happy, sad, a little cringing in certain places. I wanted to smack some of the characters! Overall though it was an amazing journey and was thankful for NO CLIFFHANGER'S! I would also like to boast on the timing. Have you ever read a story where the timing was just off between your main characters? The flow didn't flow smoothly? Well......I can honestly say that you won't get that in this book. Smooth, the timing is spot on.

Okay, so I know that I haven't said much of anything about the characters. Well, I did that on purpose. I don't want to ruin any thing and I really want everyone to experience what I just experienced for the first time!

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About The Author

Kate Stewart, a native of Dallas, now resides in Charleston, S.C. She moved to the city three weeks after her first visit, dropping her career of 8 years, declaring the city her creative muse. Since her move she has written several books including TITAN, currently unpublished, Room 212 and Never Me which is set to publish July 2014. She lives with her husband of seven years, Nick.

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