Monday, July 28, 2014

Regret Me Not
by Danielle Sibarium


For Mackenzie Green life is full of regrets; regrets from choices she made in the past, regrets for the things she’ll never see in her future. She regrets letting her grades slip while her sister was in rehab, ensuring she’ll never break away from the rumor-run, small town she lives in. She regrets breaking up with her future All American football playing boyfriend, Brayden Turner out of fear of getting hurt. Most of all she regrets every decision she made leading up to the night that changed her life forever. 

It’s only after Brayden cuts her off completely that Mackenzie realizes how much she wants him in her life. She’s learns that losing what you love breaks you, but sometimes it’s the only way to tap into your inner strength. 

Can Mackenzie find the courage to learn from her mistakes and move forward or will she spend her days consumed with regrets? Is it too late to convince Brayden she wants him in her life and that she’s in it for the long haul? Most of all, can she accept that sometimes bad things happen no matter how hard you try to protect yourself from them? Can she put it all behind her or will she live an unfulfilled life full of regrets?

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book and would first like to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to review her story. The first word I would use to describe this book is EMOTIONAL! More like an emotional roller coaster. The author really knows how to capture a moment and pull you in the scene so you think you're actually there experiencing what the characters are going through.

Mackenzie and Brayden go through so much together. If two people deserve happiness in this world then it would be them. Mackenzie already has a lot to deal with in her everyday home life....but then to add additional heartache on her shoulders had me thinking, "How on earth is she supposed to handle this?". But this is what makes this story unique. When you sit there and wait for her to break and then the most unlikely person steps up to the plate and helps her through the roughest of times. It is truly awe inspiring. I questioned some of her decisions and she made me want to wring her neck!

I loved Brayden......I wanted to strangle Brayden.....and then I loved him again!  Don't you just love it when they pout and act like 5 year old little boys? "Let's see what I can do with an already bad situation and make it even worse?". This was the feeling I had a couple of times with Brayden's character. He maybe doesn't handle the situation very gracefully but I have to admit in the end he steps up to the plate also and "man's up".

I know you're saying to yourself right now that I am being very vague with my review. Well, when I come across a story I want to share with everyone, I just don't want to give too much information. I want everyone to go out and get this book and support this author so she will continue writing these wonderful stories! So, that being said.....go 1-click this book now and come back here and let me know what your thoughts were!

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Author Bio:
Danielle Sibarium, YA and NA author, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Throughout her childhood she transported herself into a fantasy world full of magic and wonder. Books were the gateway between her play world and reality. On any given summer afternoon she became Snow White sweeping and cooking for the dwarfs or Cinderella waiting for the prince.

In 2004, Danielle won Honorable Mention in the Southern Heat contest. In 2007, she collaborated with Charlotte Doreen Small to write songs for her CD More. Danielle wrote the lyrics for Take My Hand and Goodbye, while Charlotte contributed the melody.

Danielle graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with honors and currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and three children.

In October 2011, Danielle’s debut novel For Always was released. She has since released The Heart Waves Trilogy, Heart Waves, Breaking Waves, and Waves of Love, as well as To My Hero: A Blog of Our Journey Together, Into You, and Regret Me Not.

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